9 Sq. Ft – 600 Sq. Ft

Outdoor Storage

Any Size Motor Home, RV, Vehicle or boat.

Covered storage

Covered Storage – For cars, trucks or boats.

Mobile Storage

Any Time – Any Place! Store in our 5x8x7 insulated trunks or our 8X20 sea cans.

We can accommodate almost any storage situation you could require.

When trying to determine what size of a unit you will need we can provide some basic guidelines. Keep in mind that you need to take the size of your furniture into consideration as dressers can be single double or triple drawers wide and kitchen tables and couches all come in different sizes.

A few points to keep in mind when filling your unit

Our units are 8 feet tall so the more you stack, the more you store!

Stack boxes on solid boxes with a good crush strength rating or use plastic bins.

Try not to put heavy items on the seats of couches and chairs or you may collapse the springs.

Group your items into areas with an isle down the middle so you can access essential items while in storage (people almost always come back for something and if their units are poorly organized they can search for a long time).